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Update by user Apr 18, 2011

I would like to retracke my complaint Have home climat care.

I recived a phone call and it\'s no longer a issue...


Original review posted by user Apr 15, 2011

I leave in Kingston Ontario.My furnace stopped working, so I called Haven home Climate care.

They came and told me, that my heat exchanger is broken, and they give me an estimate of 1500 $ just for labor to install it (part was under warranty), but they strongly recommended to change all furnace. They were scheduling a sales representative to come and give me a price for a new one. i was shocked and called another company to check it. i called executive cooling.

they were excellent, changed my heat exchanger for 165. I don't understand how same job could be priced 10 times more. when i called Haven home with my complain, their manager was very rude to me, she told me, that she "Does not care about me problem, and she does not care about that i think about their service". She practically called me a lair and did not wanted to listen to me.

I had to pay them 96 $ for service call, and all they did was trying to scam me and treated me like an ***. i would not recommended to any one to call them.

call executive cooling instead, they are honest and care about their customers.

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada #770246

Your "story" sounds very similiar to the other complaint, almost exactly the same really. Are you the same person? The stories also share the same format.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #770666

This is a true story and I don't care about others

to Anonymous #1356601

$165 to preform a 3-4 hour job?That's amazing really, almost mythical.

Testing after the job is done takes appr.

45 minutes to allow furnace to reach steady state and take/record readings.Not saying Exclusive didn't do this, again amazing!!!

Burlington, Ontario, Canada #646984

I think you should finish school so you can learn how to spell and get the companies' names right.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #647065

I did go to school twice, and I have a master degree, This is my second language, but I can speak 2 more, how about you?

to me #882025

If your so smart, how come you couldn't fix your own furnace.

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Haven Home ClimateCare - Haven home climate care, Kingston ont ..

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The reason in righting you is because of something that happened to my girlfriend.

She had some issues with her Heating system in her house.

So she called Haven home climate care.

There service guy showed up and did a inspection on the unit and charged her for one hours work.

then told her that she would need a new gas valve the cost of the gas valve would be 350$ and she would need a new heat exchanger but it was cover under warranty so the cost of removing it and replacing it would be 1500$ for labor . In all the cost of the work was 2500$. A little high.

The next day they had their sales guy call to set up a appointment to try to sell her a new Furnace.

These were she calls me and I look for a 2nd opinion. She called in Exclusive cooling LTD.

I was there to meet the guy. The unit needed a gas valve (I agreed with him when he did the testing, I'm a 2nd class power engineer, and I do have a back ground in this area)

It needed a new heat exchanger. The cost would be about 2 hours work at 75$h so that works out to 150$.

This were I find it funny that it would cost 10x the amount from one contractor to the other.

Here a little back ground about my Girlfriend.

She's a Russian Canadian. She moved to Canada to get away from people who take advantage of a situation.

She has reported this to the better business bureau.

Just figured you would like to know this.

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Had a problems with them too don't use them or Reliance. You get what you pay for so the lowest bid is not the best.

to george #882023

Being that your from Belleville, thats pretty far away from Kingston, sounds like you got the wrong company.


I going to let it go. The issue is closed.


Did you mention to anyone during this process, that it was thanks to us that her damaged heat exchanger was identified by the other company-after their second visit, and that a new one got installed?That the first visit by the other company missed this potenitally fatal issue?

This was due to us diligently contacting TSSA and Utilities Kingston to ensure no CO would be leaking into her home and that proper procedures where followed as outlined by TSSA. Indeed after a follow up visit by the other company it was identified that the heat exchanger needed to be replaced. Did your girlfriend mention to you that our technician gave her an approximate price on repairs and that the price would be confirmed by the office before the repair was done or we proceeded, therefore she had never received a concrete price from our company, nor did we ever state she had to get the repairs completed by us? Did you know that $350 + $1500= $1850 not $2500?.

Have you mentioned that she is now having to pay an additional $400 for her ventor motor to be replaced taking her total bill from the other company to $1200+? Are you implying that we are a prejudiced company? We have many clients who are not from Canada, and we never discriminate or try to take advantage of them. Your girlfriend was told that our diagnostic fee was $85 +tax, she accepted that as a fair price.

We did provide the service agreed upon and found all of the issues with her furnace.

She provided us a credit card # to pay us for this service, and we billed and charged her for services rendered.I think you are trying to take advantage of us at this point, and I am not sure why.

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